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Cultivating individuality in your unique home.

That’s what our interior designers in Barrington IL do, so you don’t have to.

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Decorating your home can be a real challenge.

Whether your living room is covered with the cut-outs of living rooms from magazines, or whether it’s covered with a thin shred of dignity, hiring an interior designer in Northern Illinois for a home makeover can really do the trick.

I can’t push “pause” on your life, but I can help you turn one task on your list into a fun and rewarding experience.

When you’ve got your home looking great, you feel free and easy. Which means not only do you get an insane amounts of compliments, but you’ll have to stop yourself from just wanting to invite people over all the time.

Eventually, people will begin concocting excuses to visit more often.

You’ll be forced to recommend a hotel, which could strain the relationship, but what can you do? Everyone wants to visit now. You’re booked months in advance.

I’m not saying an interior design makeover will lead to a 200% increase in your social calendar. But I’m not saying this won’t happen, either.

Am I speaking your language?

There are so many choices out there and I become overwhelmed. Celeste is an expert at helping to narrow things down. I trust her opinion (as does my husband) and she really listens to what I want. Sometimes I don’t even know what I want, but am sure of what I don’t want, and she manages to come up with great ideas. Celeste always helps me break it down and take me through each step.
— Melissa P.