Design Process

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Celeste Jackson Interiors works with clients in Northern Illinois in many different ways from consultations to complete home renovations.

Every client, home and design project is different which is why we pride ourselves on making sure we get to know you so that we can incorporate your life’s details into the design process.

“My goal is always to cultivate individuality in my clients’ home and embellish on their passions to give them their own unique style.”

While our emphasis is on luxury residences, Celeste’s experience includes hospitality design, office design, new construction and renovation.

For local consults the design process starts like this…

1) Schedule a consultation to discuss your project.

When we arrive to your home for our initial consultation we’re there to learn about you, your life and your design project. Then…

2) We meet to review the project, discuss expectations, estimate design hours, and sign the contract.

Because we need to be on the same page, we will go over the important details so your project can begin and move smoothly along through the process.

3) Research & design.

Our team gets to work on analyzing your space and how to incorporate your visions for your home to create a plan, drawings, and specifications to make it happen.

4) Present, collect deposit, order.

We’ll present your options, give you the details on how the project will flow and you approve.

5) Implement, deliver, install, enjoy!

Once everything’s been completed on the inside, we put on the white gloves and do our magic to complete the design.